Business Development Specialist
Hydrogen Value Chain and Carbon Capture

Business Development

Schoeneberg MARCOM Europe focuses on introducing high-tech startups into Europe (EMEA) and helps them develop their business enabling them to rapidly enter the market and accelerate revenue and profit generation; therefore, minimizing risk and upfront cost.

Schoeneberg MARCOM Europe was formed in 1993 by Monika and Michael Schoeneberg originally as a "Manufacturer's Representative" organization; however, offering a much closer “virtual employee” relationship as if from within your own organization. In this "win/win" concept we act as an extension of your company as a business development specialist. Over 45 years of business consulting and marketing experience plus direct sales activity in Europe are among the credentials and experience offered to prospective clients.

Hydrogen Value Chain Carbon Capture (CCUS)

Since 2015 our market focus is the renewable energy sector specifically revolving around all aspects of the hydrogen supply chain and usage/application scenarios.  In addition, the carbon intensity of the entire value chain can be substantially reduced by supplementing carbon capture solutions.

Schoeneberg MARCOM Europe has an in depth understanding of the technical and economic drivers for hydrogen production and usage scenarios. In this capacity, we are working with a broad range of companies, governments, NGOs, EPCs, integrators and resellers on sustainable, next generation hydrogen energy solution scenarios.