Business Development Specialist
Hydrogen Value Chain and Carbon Capture

Since 2016 we have consolidated our resources and have jointed together with strong partners also focused in the renewable energy sector.  Our combined expertise covers all aspects of the hydrogen supply chain, hydrogen usage/application scenarios and carbon capture technology and solutions.  In this capacity, we are working with a broad range of companies, governments, NGOs, EPCs, integrators and resellers on sustainable, next generation hydrogen energy solution scenarios.

Our Partners


Harald Zwander

With over 30 years of experience in environmental and green energy consulting, Harald brings in depth knowledge on climate protection and conservation. His focus is targeted on renewable energies and specifically all aspects of the hydrogen economy ranging from production through supply chain to project management for hydrogen applications. He is supporting member of the HyPerformer winning project HyBayern and with this also of the national Hydrogen Technology and Application Center.

Harald is founding member of two Bavaria based companies specialized on hydrogen: HyFuture GmbH and hy-wave GmbH. These companies are focused on consulting industry and communities about all aspects of the hydrogen value chain with a special focus on hydrogen powered CHP and the sector coupling to E- and H-mobility applications. Regarding generation of green hydrogen he is specialist on steam reformation with his expertise ranging from production to distribution, storage and applications.

Filip Styczen

With over 10 years of experience in strategic consulting for enterprises within the scope of new technologies and innovations, including the creation and servicing of blue chip and G2G projects.

He has extended experience in representing entities at the European, national and local level. This includes negotiating with financial institutions and market regulators, on projects with a CAPEX of up to $1 billion within the domains of: biocomponents and biofuels, conventional and renewable energy, road infrastructure, rail transportation, ICT infrastructure, cybersecurity, investment funds and culture and art.

Since 2018 special focus to building and developing a hydrogen economy in Poland and abroad.

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