Business Development Specialist
Hydrogen Value Chain and Carbon Capture


Currently active vendor relationships,

BayoTech‘s provides customers access to low-cost, lower carbon hydrogen to accelerate the global energy transition.  Based on proven SMR Technology (Steam Methane Reformation), BayoTech’s reformers provide on-site hydrogen production that is more efficient, field upgradable, performance guaranteed and lowest cost.  It allows a smooth evolutionary transition towards economical and cleaner with lower carbon intensity hydrogen production and it is available now. 

Carbon Clean
Carbon Clean offers cost-effective carbon capture technology (CCUS) to industrial emitters at gigatonne scale. They provide all the services needed to achieve net zero, including technology licensing and solvent supply, a full process design package (PDP) and proprietary equipment, and end-to-end systems — including design, build, financing and operation.  Their process works within existing industrial operations for minimal disruption and maximum cost-effectiveness. It enables industries to not only reach net zero, but to leverage decarbonisation incentives and join the growing global circular carbon economy market. The next-gen CCUS applications are designed specifically for hard to abate industries, including steel, cement, refinery, waste to energy and bio gas.

JOI Scientific
.Joi Scientific is a design, engineering, and systems integration firm specializing in the development of electronic circuitry and related components for use in the renewable energy arena. Specifically, Joi has developed the key components to generate hydrogen gas from an aqueous fuel of salt water at ambient pressure and temperature on-site and on demand.

Since 2017 Michael has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Passus S.A. (Poland).  Passus Group focuses on the design and implementation of highly specialized IT solutions from the scope of network and application performance monitoring and improvement, as well as IT security in on-premise architecture, hybrid solutions or private and public clouds.